What are keywords and why are they important?

Keywords are terms that users type on Google when finding specific products and services. It is crucial detail when it comes to optimizing your website.

Keywords are terms that users type on Google when finding specific products and services. It is crucial detail when it comes to optimizing your website.

Being found on Google implies that people find you when they type keywords that are relevant to your service or sales activity. Just typing your business name or your brand name is not a relevant indicator for a Google position. For example, you have opened an online store called TELEMATIC that sells computers and want to control your position on Google. In control, you do not type TELEMATIC, because it's a new company and people do not know much about it yet, and it's not to be expected that computers will search for that keyword. Control it by typing keywords where people on the Internet want to buy computers, such as "Computers," "apple computers," "low-cost computers," etc.

Therefore, keywords are the direct link of your website to searches on Google. In order for your website to be found at searches at all, it's important that the optimal number of keywords users are searching for products or services that you have in offer. For example, you have a law office based in Tuzla with the main activity of "legal counseling for property disputes". It is necessary that all the keywords important for you to find new customers should be included in the contents of your website, and often enough in well-written texts. It is to be expected that customers will search for:

  1. local - so the website should contain the keyword "Tuzla"
  2. by profession - therefore the website should have the key word "lawyer" or "law office"
  3. by specific service, so you need to have the keywords "legal counseling" and "property disputes".

For going deeper in this direction, it is analyzed with which combinations and keyword synonyms the services of this type are most often sought, which is included in the content of the website. By not using the synonyms you lose one part of the audience. For example, if you live in Bosnia, it is easy for you to search under the term "lawyer"(odvjetnik) and another under "lawyer"(advokat). It is therefore advisable to use both keywords, while ensuring that the page does not lose on "seriousness". Use of synonyms allows you to capture a wider circle of users.

You can upgrade your websites to the smallest details using keywords. Most importantly in any case is that you know what and whom you want to sell, and therefore prepare the contents of the website accordingly.

Assistence tools / instruments for defining keywords?

When choosing keywords for your website, it's important to note that you use the terminology used in your industry and among your target group, and that you check the frequency of these terms with online tools or the engagement of marketing agencies.

To find the most popular keywords, you can use the free Google tool, the so-called Google keyword planner at  https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

With this tool you will get a list of results with information about the number of searches for each keyword as well as how much competition is advertised for each of the keyword search words.

You can also use  http://keywordtool.io/  as well as many other online tools. The most reliable is Google's tool, because you get the most reliable information through it.

Keywords for google ads

Keywords also need to be defined when Google ads are set up. Just like SEO, high-quality, relevant keywords are selected to reach your target audience.

Good keyword selection can improve your ad performance and help you avoid higher prices. Poor keywords can lead to higher prices and lower ad position.

TIP: Before you start creating a website at all, define the first keywords under which users can search your products / services. If you have not done so, then define them later and adjust the content of your website with the results of the analysis. The same keywords will be a good basis for creating your Google ads.

By properly selecting the keywords you use in the content of a website you can get a lot in terms of optimizing your search page on Google.

If you want to reach out to new customers, engage in serious SEO optimization and provide more visits to your website.

Author: Edin Ibrišimović

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